Monday, May 18, 2009


The walls that you've built,
That kept you from crying,
Doesn't let me inside.

That walls that you've built,
That kept you from hurting,
Doesn't let me pass through.

The walls that you've built,
That kept you from hearing the words,
Doesn't open me a gap.

The walls that you've built,
That kept you from breaking,
Doesn't break and fall.

I could never pass through.
I could never get to you.

Behind it i stay,
Not moving,
Waiting for you,
To come out one day.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


I’m calculating what’s left inside me
When everything I left were my life and my dreams
And every time you were proud of what you were not
This is the truth and it’ll be a history

I gave you everything, I gave up my life and they were all for you,
you’ve ruined everything!
I gave you everything and I gave up my life
And they were all for you!

I wonder what went wrong, it became like this
when I’m not pretty sure
After all the crossings we’ve been through,
it’s not suppose to be like this. Why?

And every time you’re fucking proud of what you’re not
I hate the truth but still it’ll be a history
I swear you will know this somehow
Before it’s too late and dies
Realities are so complicated

I wish to see the truth shines brightly in your eyes
It’s even for me, and even for you
Just try to understand…
You and me, yeah I remember,
Look how we were meant to be!

You, yes you.

I've been asked to leave.
I've been begged to go.
I've been informed to forget.
I've been told that i'm not needed.

I wonder what else i must do.

Don't you ever dare to say that i did not try.
Don't you ever dare to tell people that i did not offer a hug.

For what i know.

It's not me that you're falling into.
It's just the way i treat you.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I said "We don't have any similarities".
She said "Yes, we do".

I said "If we do, tell me what is it?".
She said.

I said "What took u so long?".
She said "We have none".


I'm bitter,
I'm sour,
I lack compassion,
I lack rationality.

She said i was wrong,
They said i was mean,
I said tell the whole world,
What am i and what i'll be.

My eyes radiate the gloom,
My heart rests in a tomb,
If only they could see,
What's more in me.