Friday, March 18, 2011

Bright Eyes - Shell Game

I was dressed in white, touched by something pure,
Death obsessed, like a teenager,
Sold my tortured youth, pissed in vinegar,
I'm still angry with no reason to be.

(Non) Existent

Somehow i feel like chasing shadows,

Every single step, single breath,
I am always right behind you.

I am gutted, shattered, destroyed and eviscerated,
As you once came, to light up the moon.

Darkness covers my shadow,
Passes through my hollow body,
And makes me wonder,
Where the light has gone.

Until time uncovers,
Until your soul recovers,
I am still left chasing,
Waiting to be known,
Waiting to exist.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So what do you choose?

Lately I have been having numerous of talk on future goals, targets, achievements and all stuffs related to that. you get the idea.
But when it comes to those things (goals and etc), I somehow got lost in the middle. My goals are rather too unrealistic to achieve or rather too underachieving.

I have been wanting things that most probably, everyone in the world would want it as well. But the pessimistic nature of myself somehow tells me, "You're being ridiculous. Who the hell do you think you are?". So that brings me down back to Mother Earth, thus forcing myself to comply with, whatever that i could only get.

But the thing is, people kept telling that, "Do whatever you want to do in life, if you really want it, you'll achieve it".

This is totally both a good advice and a sick mockery.

But somehow in the end, there is no wrong for being a little bit optimistic.

There's nothing to lose if you really try.
Life don't always turn the way you want it to be but not trying is like giving up with life.

So what do you choose?

Camera Obscura - Teenager

i listened to this recently

Is it down to me,
down to me,
we both rarely speak.

For Almost 2 Years

For almost 2 years, I haven't wrote anything.
For almost 2 years, I haven't let out a single thought.
For almost 2 years, I have been bottling things.
For almost 2 years, I have kept myself, to myself.

With all this nonsense thoughts and stupid lame jokes bursting out of my mind every single second, i now feel the urge to throw it up and spit it off.

I have been quiet for too long while my life is getting too short.

Now, just let me get everything out.

p/s: I have just realized that writing is quite helpful. mental therapy.